Inspiring Ideas for Beginner Business Bloggers

Blogging can help businesses in many ways. This post will graze the surface of corporate blogging and share some tips. I have also included an example of a corporate blog that has great content in order to provide some inspiration for beginner business bloggers.

The positive side of blogging

Increase your SEO: One benefit of blogging is that it can increase your SEO. If you are unfamiliar with this terminology, SEO stands for search engine optimization. Ever wondered why certain results appear higher on Google than others? Well, search engines use a method that incorporates titles, keywords, content and mobile compatibility to return a list of links. A blog can boost search engine rankings if it shares fresh content that is regularly updated. Blogs naturally attract search engine traffic making it a great tool to utilize in marketing efforts.

Generate new leads: Another great aspect of having a blog is the potential to generate new leads. Readers can be transformed into customers simply by providing some kind of incentive. What is your company selling? What benefit can a consumer gain by using your product or service? If you’re sharing this content with the world, then it should be easy for these visitors to share their personal information in exchange for promotional product or discounted service. By including a call-to-action on your blog, organizational marketers can gain valuable email contacts to pursue as future clients.

 The negative side of blogging

Time consuming: A negative aspect of blogging is that it can be time consuming. In order to make sure that content is rich and non-repetitive, it is critical to take as much time as necessary to post relevant content. Formulating thoughts and editing them in such a precise manner can take hours. How much time do you have to spare each week to blog? This is an important question to consider before blogging. Readers generally expect posts to be published on a regular schedule so there is a lot of commitment associated with blogging. If a blog is not updated or well written, it could have a negative reaction to how people view your company.

Negative comments: Blogging can lead to criticism. It isn’t always sunshine and lollipops in the blogging world, there are people that will misunderstand your posts and they can react in a negative and hostile way. These disagreements can lead to negative brand awareness if they aren’t handled correctly. Responding to complaints can be a tricky task but the most important thing to do is explain your side as clearly as possible. Do not point fingers and do not take sides. Reply to negative comments by considering their viewpoint in order to explain your ideas more clearly. Controversy is a constant part of life. In order to maintain open lines of communication with readers and promote your brand awareness, make sure that you handle negative comments with care and constraint.

Below are a few tips for corporations looking to pursue blogging:

The most important part of blogging is the intent. Why are you starting a blog? What do you want it to accomplish? How will you reach this goal? The key to success lies in your answers. If you are able to identify and curate clear content that relates to your subject matter, then start a blog and share your ideas with the world! Another big factor associated with a corporate blog would be good time management skills. It is critical to keep up with your blog. This goes above and beyond the regular content posts, this also includes replying to comments in order to maintain open lines of communication with potential customers. Furthermore, it is important to gain a good audience. This can be achieved by incorporating the blog into every aspect of the company’s social media by providing links to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. This cohesiveness will improve brand awareness as well as increase SEO. Overall, marketers can find success through creating a blog with clear intentions, maintaining a consistent schedule and incorporating other social media channels.

Below is an example of an effective corporate blog:

Zillow is a great website to find your future home. Whether it means renting or buying, they help people get a roof over their heads by providing an organized database of free real estate listings. This company also features a blog. It is a great addition because it offers readers more insight into the subject: home. Everyone wants a home. Everyone needs a home. On the Zillow blog, readers can dive deeper into six different topics including: celebrity real estate, tips & advice, unique homes, home improvement, market trends and Zillow news. These links provide valuable content that is clearly organized and supplemented with rich photos. Whether you are big into home improvements and want to find a new DIY project, or you love celebrity gossip and want to see their multi-million dollar real estate listings, you can find these stories on the Zillow blog.


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